Placed EPST students

Despite economical and other situations which regularly influence the aviation industry, EPST has always been able to provide places for its students/pilots. With the exception of some students, who had to complete extra training for one reason or another, most of our students are actually placed in about a six months period after completion of the EPST provided training program. 

Congratulations to the recently placed EPST students in 2017:

  • Erik Busker
  • Martijn Koning
  • Maarten van den Keybus
  • Luc van Mechelen
  • Bas Möller
  • Nils Bootsman
  • Cees Groeneveld
  • Naut Brouwer
  • Tristan Bezemer
  • Jiry Böhmer
  • Matthijs uit de Bos
  • Dennis Schouw
  • Rosa Bastet
  • Bart Wellens
  • Michael Merien
  • Davey Bronsema
  • Nick Kelderman
  • Rutger Rogge
  • Annelies van Eijken
  • Sonny Alblas
  • Erik Waller
  • Jelte Strikwerda
  • Dennis Blankenstijn
  • Joram de Vries
  • Marlon Terdu